Wireless Cellular Monitoring – Safe, Fast, & Secure

Wireless cellular monitoring has become a very popular form of security monitoring in Houston. Digital cellular communications have become so reliable and advanced that many people have chosen this form of communication over traditional landlines. So if you don’t have a phone line, you can still have a security alarm system to protect your home, business, and property.

Wireless Cellular Monitoring – How It Works

Cellular alarm monitoring is a form of radio transmission. A module in your security control panel allows the alarm to communicate with the central monitoring station. The security system “talks” to the station using cellular towers in the same manner as your cell phone.

Instead of using a traditional phone line, your security alarm sends digital signals to the monitoring station every time it’s checked. The only difference between your cell phone and a cellular security alarm is that the message is sent through the data part of the signal instead of the voice portion. Your wireless security alarm transmits the time and date, type of emergency, your location, name, and phone number to the central monitoring station.

Wireless Cellular Monitoring Advantages

Cellular alarm monitoring does have advantages. Many Houstonians have chosen to either use cellular communications rather than traditional phone lines in their home or business. Others chose to “go cell” as a backup to their traditional phone service or VOIP phone.

When you have an emergency, you want help quickly. Cellular communication is the fastest way to send an SOS to your security company. If you are not at your residence or business, you want to know that the proper authorities will arrive. You certainly don’t want to worry that your security company will not “hear” you because your local phone or electrical service has been interrupted.

Houston is turning to cellular alarm monitoring because it offers distinct benefits

  • Freedom from worry that your phone line can be cut
  • Protection when your local phone lines are down
  • Transmits information at greater speeds than traditional phone lines
  • Not subject power outages with reliable battery backup
  • Can be less expensive than other forms of communication

There are really few drawbacks in wireless cellular monitoring of your security system. There are only a couple issues you should consider. The first is that cellular monitoring requires power. If you lose power, the transmitter can’t send messages to your security company. It’s important that your security provider supply a back-up power supply such as a long-life battery.

The second consideration is location. In Houston, this is usually not a problem. As with a cell phone, wireless security monitoring requires transmission towers to relay the signal. If there are not enough towers in your area, the radio signal from your security system may be weak or obstructed. Be sure to check if your security company can receive your alarm system’s signal.

Wireless cellular monitoring of your home security system is a wise choice for protecting your family, home or business, and property. Radio technology makes wireless monitoring fast, secure, and reliable. In the Houston metropolitan area, no security company does cellular monitoring better than Safeguard Home Security.