Valentine’s Day Home Security Tips – Houston Home Security

Love is in the air! Known for chocolate hearts and red roses, Valentine’s Day is a beloved holiday that’s just around the corner. But don’t let the sugar and petals distract you from keeping your home safe and secure when you go out to celebrate. Safeguard Home Security, your trusted Houston home security provider, has a few Valentine’s Day home security tips to share, so you can enjoy your night out without worry.

While you may celebrate Valentine’s Day as a way to show your love for your significant other, burglars are celebrating the easy pickings. A lot of people leave their homes unattended to celebrate this holiday, resulting in a multitude of empty houses for opportunistic burglars to pick from. Given the right set of circumstances, they’ll break into your house, steal your valuables, and destroy any sense of safety in your own home.

You can deter any would-be burglar by following a few, simple Valentine’s Day home security tips, so you can rest assured that your home is safe and sound while you’re out celebrating with your loved one.

  • Close your windows, lock your doors, and arm your security system.
  • Strategically leave a light on in your home, such as a lamp in the living room or an overhead kitchen light, so that it appears someone is home, thus discouraging burglars who want to avoid being seen or running into homeowners.
  • Monitor your security camera system to view live footage if someone lurks by your front door.

And all of this is possible with an interactive security system from Safeguard Home Security! You can turn on lights, lock your doors, monitor your security camera system, and arm your alarm system all from your smartphone. And if you have the nagging feeling while you’re out and about that you may have forgotten to lock your door or turn on your alarm, simply check your phone! You can even control the lights in your house via smartphone with an appliance module. It’s simple and convenient.

For more information about how to keep your home secure on Valentine’s Day or on any other day of the year, contact the security professionals at Safeguard Home Security at (832) 469-4054. We’ll be happy to discuss our products and services that will keep your home safe!