Wireless Spotlights Increase Security in Hard to Reach Places

Criminal By unknown: simple wide-spread figures (dingbat fonts) [CC0], via Wikimedia CommonsOne of the first rules of security is plenty of exterior lighting. Houston is known for our expansive yards and outdoor living. If you have hard to reach areas on your property, you might want to consider wireless spotlights to increase the security at your home or business.

Our local news has been filled with stories of miscreants lurking in the shadows, waiting to gain access to our cars, homes, and businesses. There’ve been too many stories about people arriving home or walking to their car after dark, only to be assaulted and robbed. Robberies have happened in driveways, at the front door, or even in backyards.

Many times we forego adequate lighting in our homes and yards because it’s just too hard to run the wiring. Walkways, gardens, and even sewer and gas lines interfere with our efforts to keep wiring hidden. The good news is wireless spotlights eliminate finding easy paths to where we want to place illumination.

Unlike solar lighting, which needs a sunny spot to charge the batteries, remote spotlights can be placed anywhere. It doesn’t matter how much sunlight your selected spot receives. Since the batteries don’t require daily recharging, the light will always be bright after dark. Just make sure that you replace your wireless spotlight’s batteries when you change those in your smoke detector.

Wireless remote lighting has evolved over the past 10 years. This lighting comes with all the features of hard-wired models. Plus it’s green, because your lighting doesn’t run on electricity.

Features of Wireless Spotlights

  • Motion sensors – usually up to 30 feet and 180°
  • Timer and shut-off
  • Battery operated – usually D-cell just like your flashlight
  • Remote controls similar to the one for your car that have a range up to 75 feet
  • Long range up to 400 feet on most models
  • Adjustable light direction and angle
  • Weatherproof with exterior and interior applications
  • Choice of bulb – usually halogen or LED

Benefits of Wireless Spotlights

There are many benefits to using wireless lighting. Other than remembering to change the batteries, there aren’t really any drawbacks.

Some of the most obvious plusses are

  1. Light hard to reach areas without running wiring
  2. Energy efficient – uses batteries
  3. Cost saving – runs about $5.00 to $10.00 per year with normal use
  4. Most models have a bulb life of 50,000 hours
  5. Easy to install with a drill and screwdriver in 5 to 10 minutes
  6. Come in colors to blend in with your landscaping
  7. Easy on your wallet – many excellent models start at $35-$40 per spotlight

You can probably think of many places in your home, yard, or business where you can incorporate wireless lighting into your security system. There is really no reason why you can’t light up all those hard to reach places around your home or on your property.

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