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Cellular Alarm Monitoring Provides Back-up

A cellular back-up to your Houston residential alarm system can provide an added layer of protection in case your telephone or cable line cut. When it comes to protecting your loved ones and the things that are most valuable to you, it just makes sense to take every precaution you can. Speak to a security expert about cellular back-up in Houston residential alarm systems.

Cellular Back-Up Defends Against Cut Telephone Lines

While power and internet outages pose one opportunity for would-be thieves; there are criminals on the prowl who attempt to gain access to your home and valuables by intentionally cutting phone and cable lines. Houston alarm monitoring provides a lifeline in case of an emergency - don't let a criminal cut that line. Cellular back-up offers protection against even the most brazen attempts by a burglar.

Having an Alarm is a Powerful Deterrent - and Insurance Companies Know it!

It's a fact that there are criminals out there who are ready and willing to take advantage of things like power-outages to gain access to your valuables. Fortunately, it's also a fact that having an alarm system is a deterrent to burglars. Insurance companies recognize this fact and often provide homeowners with an annual discount of between 10- 20% for installing Houston residential alarm systems.

Don't Have a Landline? Cellular Alarm Monitoring May Be for You

Many people still think a landline is a necessary component of a home security system. While this certainly used to be the case - it is now possible to monitor your home security system through the cellular network. If you have ditched your landline, and rely solely on cell phones; Safeguard Home Security has options for you.

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Cellular Alarm Monitoring Provides Back-up

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