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Houston Interactive Home Security

Upgrade your alarm system to the latest technology in the market with an interactive home security system from Houston's Safeguard Home Security. Our interactive technology allows you to remotely access your alarm system from your smartphone with ease, and our security system will keep you, your loved ones, and your home safe from intruders. Tamper resistant, our technology is built to endure, so you can rest assured attempts to sabotage your security system will fail. With no wires or phone lines needed, you can easily protect every corner of your home!

One Touch Control
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Our Interactive Home Security System Includes:

› 2GIG Touch Screen Control Panel

› Pet Immune Motion Detector

› Interior Siren

› 3 Door Contacts

› Yard Sign & Window Decals

› Panic & Ambush Alarm Features

› Power Supply & Backup Battery

› Extended Warranty on Parts & Labor

› National UL Alarm Monitoring Centers

Available Products

Control Panel

The heart of your home interactive security system, the 2GIG wireless control panel controls your alarm system as well as your smart door locks, appliance modules, thermostat, and more. With your convenience in mind, the control panel is accessible through your smartphone, computer, and other electronic devices.

Touch Screen Panels

These wireless panels accompany the 2GIG control panel with the ability to be installed in any room of your home. You'll be able access your security system, control your lights, and lock your doors at your convenience. With the same interface as the control panel, they're easy and simple to use.

Key Fob Remote

The key fob remote allows you to quickly and easily arm your home. With just the push of a button, you your home alarm system is set to "stay," "away," or "disarm" as you come and go during your daily schedule. As an added security measure, the key fob also has a panic button that sets off the alarm and notifies alarm dispatchers of your home intrusion emergency.

Wireless Contacts

Be quickly notified when burglars attempt to sneak into your home through doors and windows. These wireless contacts fit on door and window frames, detecting the entry of unwanted visitors. When the magnet is moved from its original position near the sensor while your alarm system is armed, a signal is sent to the control panel to notify you.

Image Sensor

The image sensor with a built-in camera captures images when the sensor has been triggered, sending an alert to your smartphone with an image, and with the capture on-demand feature, you can peek in on your home while you're away. The sensor is also pet-friendly, reducing the possibility of false alarms.

Motion Detector

When the motion detector senses a heat source in motion, it communicates with the control panel, sending an alert to your smartphone. Usually installed near the ceiling, the wide-angle motion detector can cover an area of 30 ft. deep and 50 ft. wide, and it's also pet-friendly, programmed to tolerate animals up to 55 pounds.

Glassbreak Detector

Be alerted when an intruder enters your home through the windows with a glassbreak detector. Installed on the ceiling or the wall, this device has the ability to recognize and monitor the sound of breaking glass within a 360-degree range.

Monitor Your Home Security with the Latest Apple Technology

The ability to remotely access your alarm system and home automation devices is now as easy as checking the time. Using nothing more than an Apple Watch, arm your security system, turn off your lights, close your garage door, and more!

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Safeguard Home Security is here for all of your Houston interactive home security needs! Give our security experts a call today at (832) 469-4054 to learn more about the products and services we offer.

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