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Wireless Home Security Systems in Houston

Wireless home security systems are comparable to hardwired security systems, but wireless systems have added attributes that may make them the best choice for your Houston security system. In certain situations, wireless systems may provide added flexibility to meet your security needs.

Wireless Security Systems Create Versatility

If you anticipate the possibility of moving to a new location (business or residential) within the foreseeable future, wireless security systems may be your most favorable option. Wireless systems can be easily moved from one location to another. Another benefit of this portability is that your wireless sensors can be repositioned.

Installing a wireless security system is also easier and less time-consuming than installing a hardwired system. This is especially true if you are not adding the security system when the home is being built. Again, it is important to remember that each home or business represents unique security challenges and opportunities. Consult a Houston security systems professional at Safeguard Home Security to determine if wireless is best for your situation.

Misconceptions about Wireless Security Systems

Many misconceptions about wireless security systems arose during the early days of wireless technology. Old wireless systems had range limitations that made them less than ideal for commercial or large-scale projects; however, that is no longer true for the latest generation of wireless security options.

In the past, wireless systems were also more prone to false alarms caused by interference. Technological advances have removed that issue, and now wireless security systems are absolutely comparable to hardwired systems.

All Security Systems Can Lower Your Insurance!

Houston residential alarm systems - wireless or hardwired - can provide homeowners with an insurance discount. Annual savings for policyholders can range from 10% to 20% depending on the type of monitoring service provided and whether it includes a fire alarm system.

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