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Houston Home Automation

With a Houston home automation system, you control more than just your home security! It provides you remote access to your property via your smartphone no matter where you are. As the central command center for all of the wireless technology in your home, your phone can be used to:

› Lock your doors

› Open your garage

› Control your lights

› And more!

Anatomy of a Smart Home

Make Your Home a Connected Home

A home automation system allows for greater convenience. When you're out and about, you won't spend the day wondering if you left the lights on, and you'll be able to unlock your doors to let in friends and family while you're away. Even receive a text alert when the button on your wireless doorbell is pressed.

Combined with our interactive home security system and our energy management devices, Safeguard's Houston home automation system keeps security simple and easy to use!

Appliance Module

Save energy and save money with the appliance module. It's easier than ever to turn on and turn off lights and appliances with just the touch of a button from your smartphone, tablet, and computer. Add it to any outlet, and the days of wondering if you turned off the lights before you left the house are over.

Wireless Doorbell

With a sleek design and waterproof capabilities, the wireless doorbell is a perfect, simple solution for upgrading your home. The doorbell is equipped with a selection of 11 chimes, and you have the option to receive a text alert on your smartphone when the doorbell is engaged.

Smart Door Locks

Take control of your home with smart door locks. Instead of a normal house key, you'll be able to lock and unlock your door with your smartphone no matter where you are. You'll also have the option to open the lock with an electronic code, giving your house added protection against intruders.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Control your garage door with the smart garage door opener. When connected to your alarm system, the garage door will automatically shut when you arm your system. You'll also be able to use your smartphone to open and close the garage door at your convenience.

Safeguard Home Security: The #1 Choice for Houston Home Security

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