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Houston Home Burglary Statistics

Safeguard Home Security is a leading Houston security systems provider. For over 20 years, we have provided home and business owners with top of the line security systems, protecting your loved ones and assets from burglars, break-ins, fires, and other crimes and emergency.

Houston security companies such as Safeguard know how important it is for homes to be equipped with monitored alarm systems. After reading the following Houston home burglary statistics, you will also better understand the importance. Don't let another minute pass without protecting your family and property with a Houston burglar alarm system monitored by Safeguard Home Security.

How is a Burglary Defined?

The definition of burglary is "the unlawful entry of a structure with the intention to commit a felony or theft." Obviously, the use of force during entry is not a requirement for the classification of an offense as a burglary. There are three classifications of burglary:

1. Forcible Entry

2. Unlawful Entry - no force is used

3. Attempted Forcible Entry

Basic Statistics About Home Burglaries

No one aims to be the victim of a home invasion, but the reality is that burglaries happen more often than many people realize. Some of the more startling stats surrounding home invasions include:

› According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a burglary occurs every 14 seconds.

› Approximately 2 million invasions are reported throughout the United States each year.

› 85% of the police force believes that a burglar alarm helps to deter invasion attempts.

› Property crime, including burglaries, made up approximately 87% of all reported crimes in the U.S. during 2015.

› Burglaries accounted for an estimated 19.8% of property crimes in 2015.

› In 2015, 57.9% percent of burglaries involved forcible entry, 35.5 percent involved unlawful entries, and 6.6 percent involved attempted forcible entry.

› The average monetary loss per burglary offence in 2015 was $2,316, with a total estimated loss of $3.6 billion.

› Burglaries of residential properties in 2015 accounted for 71.6% of all burglary offenses.

› Without a security system, a residential area is 2 to 3 times more likely to be invaded.

› An intruder targets residences and areas not protected by a surveillance system in approximately 85% of burglaries.

Statistics about how a Burglar Enters a Home

There are some very clear preferences for intruders who wish to enter a home-in addition to the most pressing preference to avoid homes with surveillance systems. Using the following statistics, Houston security companies such as Safeguard make suggestions about where your alarm equipment should be installed. The list below details the percentage of burglars that enter homes through:

› The first floor of the home: 81%

› Directly through the front door: 34%

› A first floor window: 23%

› The back door: 22%

› The basement: 4%

› An unlocked entrance: 12%

› Second story of the home: 2%

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