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Insurance Discounts for Alarm Systems in Houston

An insurance company recognizes both the actual and the deterrent value of residential alarm systems, which is why they will often provide insurance discounts for Houston homes with alarm system monitoring. Annual savings for policyholders can range from 10% to 20%, depending on the type of monitoring service that is provided and whether or not it includes a fire alarm system.

Why do insurance companies offer such great deals for policyholders who choose to install a home security system? The answer is that they know this type of monitoring reduces your likeliness of being burglarized by three to four times. If you can avoid being the victim of an intruder, you can also avoid having to pay large insurance claims on stolen property; for this reason, insurance companies are willing to give these significant discounts. Safeguard Home Security will provide you with a certificate of ownership that makes it easy to provide your homeowner's insurance company the information they will need to give you these savings.

Houston Home Alarm Systems that Pay for Themselves

For homeowners who are unsure if a residential alarm is really worth the price, consider that the insurance discount you enjoy from installing a system may, in fact, completely cover the investment you have to put into installing the system. Often, the monthly savings on your homeowner's insurance is even enough to cover the monthly security system monitoring rate on your plan.

To discover how much you could save, first calculate how much you pay for home insurance every month and ask your insurance provider if they offer any discounts for policyholders with residential alarm systems. Make sure to also ask your insurance company if there are additional savings for security systems that include fire alarms and carbon monoxide monitors. Next contact a Safeguard representative to determine how much security system installation and monitoring would cost.

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