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How Your Houston Home Security System Works

The Alarm Sounds

You're fast asleep one night, and suddenly your home security system kicks into action. It's a deafening siren made to scare off any would-be intruder. Maybe it's the first time your burglar alarm system has been engaged, and maybe you're wondering how your Houston home security system works and what happens next.

Safeguard Springs into Action

Within seconds, a signal is sent to the team at our central monitoring station. The Safeguard Home Security company has its own standalone central monitoring station. We do not contract out to multi-service call centers, so you can rest assured your call for help will be answered immediately. Once the signal is received, you will be getting a call from our monitoring staff. This is the call that determines whether help is needed or not.

The Call

If you answer your phone and tell us it was just a mistake, your home security system went off by accident, and there is no trouble, then our team stands down. But if you tell us there is indeed trouble, that maybe there is an intruder in the house, we signal for help right away. The police usually respond within just minutes. H5: What if No One Answers the Phone?

That's a good question. If no one answers when we call, this tells your home security monitoring system that there is a good chance of trouble, and the police are dispatched. Don't worry! Unless you tell us yourself that everything is fine, help is on the way. H6: What If the Intruder Answers My Phone? We wouldn't be a professional burglar alarm system company if we hadn't already anticipated a situation like that. As the customer, you will have your own unique password. When we call, we will ask you for that password. If, and only if, you give us that password, will we give the order to stand down.

Safeguard Home Security: The #1 Choice for Houston Home Security Systems

Now that you know how your Houston home security system works, don't become a statistic. Protect your property and, most importantly, the ones you love with home security monitoring by Safeguard, the Houston home security company. Give the professionals at Safeguard Home Security a call today at (832) 469-4054 and see why Safeguard has the best home alarm system in the business!

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