Do You Know How a Burglar Breaches Your Home Security?

The best defense is a good offense. Knowing what a Houston burglar uses to get his hands on your valuables will go a long way to secure your home and business. So here are some of the items that a burglar either brings with him or you have lying around your house in plain view for him or her to use.

Home Security Breach #1 – Prying To Get In

Burglars just love tools that pry open things. Crowbars, Slim Jims, or any other flat headed device with a long handle lets the thief break in to your house. Just slip the flat end in a gap and pry open the window or door, and voilà, the burglar has access to your things.

Increase your home security against pry entries. Make sure all exterior doors have good deadbolt locks and reinforced doorframes. Use a wood or metal bar for sliding doors, and make sure all window locks placed so that the window will only slide an inch or two up the rail.

Home Security Breach #2 – Picking in 10 Seconds Flat

While a lock pick is not the run-of-the-mill thief’s tool of choice, it’s a sure sign of a professional burglar. Luckily, most thieves are slow at getting the tumblers to fall into place, but a pro will adroitly open your door in seconds.

You can increase your home security against lock-picking thieves by using two deadbolts on exterior doors – a single barrel bolt for the door handle coupled with a second double-barreled bolt, or by using a finger-print lock.

Home Security Breach #3 – Credit or Debit

Did you think that getting access to someone’s house using a plastic card only happened in Hollywood-land? Think again. Picking a lock with a credit, debit, or any other plastic card might be time consuming, but it works on spring-loaded locks. The thief will just insert the card between the door and doorframe at the latch and slowly works the card down, unlatching your door in the process.

Entry granted.

Beef up your home security by using high quality deadbolts with a good throw on all your exterior doors. You can also make sure that your weather-stripping is tight and eliminates all gaps between the door and the door jamb that a thief can wiggle a plastic card into.

Home Security Breach #4 – Dad’s Toolbox

What’s in Dad’s (or your) tool box? Most likely screwdrivers, hammers, wire cutters, ratchets and sockets. If a crook can get into your garage, he has all the tools he needs available at his disposal. He can use the hammer head as a pry bar or just to break a window, the screwdriver to unfasten doors from hinges, or the wire cutter to cut your phone line and security camera wiring.

The best line of defense is to make sure that your garage is extremely hard to get into. Deadbolt exterior exit doors, change the frequency and code on your garage door opener often, and don’t forget additional security equipment such as lighting, motion detectors, door and window contacts, and cameras inside and outside your garage.

Home Security Breach #5 – Lying Around

Thieves are extremely adept at using just about anything lying around your home to gain entry. Things that are often in plain view on your property or in your garage or home are porcelain plant pots, ladders, bolt cutters, and other miscellaneous gardening equipment or home repair tools. The way to keep your home secure is to keep your tools put away so it will take some time for a thief to locate what he or she needs. The extra time will allow your security system to activate and that the authorities will arrive before the burglar escapes.

Knowing what a thief will use to gain entry into your home goes a long way in planning home security. Safeguard Home Security has over 30 years of experience in thwarting Houston’s burglars. Call them today at (832) 469-4054 for a complete home security assessment.