Simple Home Security Tips Make Halloween Safe

It’s finally October. Houston received its first cool snap over the weekend. It’s also time for Halloween and we’re starting to decorate our homes for the upcoming holiday season. Halloween is just the start.

We shouldn’t forget home security and safety in the fun of the season. Have you considered that the dimmed lights and scary noises, while eliciting screams of delight from the young ones on Halloween, can also provide great cover for thieves and mask the sounds of your house being ransacked?

Halloween Home Security Tips

There are many things that you can do to keep your home safe during the night of ghosts and goblins.

  1. Dress up and hand out treats outside. Keep all your windows and doors locked, and arm your security alarm system. Keep your cell phone and panic button with you in case of an emergency.
  2. Make sure that your garage is locked.
  3. Set a time when you will stop handing out Halloween treats. Go inside, and do not answer your door after this time. Most children are done with treat or treating early. October 31 falls on a Thursday this year, so it’s a school night.

Tips For Your Children

We all worry about our children, especially if they are out after dark. Older kids don’t want to be seen with their parents, and will take an opportunity to wander off. Keep your children safe by

  1. Having a planned route that is well lit that you know a lot of people will be nearby.
  2. Make sure your trick or treater carries a cell phone. They can call you in an emergency or if they get lost. You can also check up on them to make sure all is well.
  3. Make sure your child knows only to take candy from a person at an open door. Make sure they know never to enter a home, even to use the restroom. Above all, make sure thatyour kids know not to eat any candy until they get home. Have a special treat for your child, and make a game out of checking the candy together. Unwrapped candy should be immediately thrown out.

Tips For Your Pets

While your children know that all those terrifying creatures are just people in costumes, your pets can’t make this distinction. The anxiety and unknown of the night can cause your pet to harm him or herself. Just as you protect your home and children, you want to protect your pets.

While Houstonians enjoy our pets’ company, Halloween is a scary time for animals. Fear may cause your pet to break away from you or become over-aggressive. While you might understand this, someone who is bitten will not. Keep your pet calm by

  1. Keeping your pet in another area of the house, crated if possible. Unfamiliar noises, incessant doorbell ringing, and/or firecrackers can frighten your pets. Provide your pet with a safe, quiet place will keep him or her stress-free.
  2. Not dressing him or her up for the occasion. If you can’t resist a costume for Fido, the simple ones are the best. At all costs avoid the costumes with a lot of straps, ties, and dangly ornaments. These things can be eaten or cause strangulation. Never leave your pet unsupervised when he or she is in a costume.
  3. If you have your pet with you, watch him or her at all times. Make sure that your pet does not find and eat candy. Many Halloween treats, especially chocolate and lollipops can either poison or choke your pet.

Houston’s Safeguard Home Security wishes you a safe and happy Halloween!