Top 10 Home Security Tips for Seniors

Home security should be a priority to all Houston’s seniors. While age is associated with wisdom, it also brings its own set of challenges. Even if you have home care or live in an assisted living community, there are certain safety measures you should take.

We’ve all seen the reports on the news about many seniors being taken advantage of, either physically accosted in the driveways of their home or by seemingly nice people gaining access to their residence. Many times access is gained by a need to use a phone or restroom. It’s disheartening to see.

Approximately 13% of the US population is over 65 years old. Most seniors don’t want to give up their independence. That’s why planning for dangers such as medical emergencies, fires and other dangerous situations are important.

10 Home Security Tips

You can reduce your risk by

  1. Getting a security alarm system will protect your home when you are away. Many seniors like to travel, and not having an alarm system is leaving the welcome mat out for burglars. Monitored security systems also provide assistance by alerting the proper responders in event of a fire or medical emergency.
  1. Installing security lighting is a fantastic method keeps unwanted visitors away and prevent vandalism and theft. Burglars tend to gravitate to areas that aren’t well-lit. Security lighting will also help you see better when arriving home at dusk or after sun down.
  1. A personal emergency response device quickly summons help. This additional equipment, worn like an accessory such as a wristband or necklace, is calls help in a click of a button during times of distress.
  1. Having smoke detectors to give you an early warning of a fire and fire extinguishers in event you need an extinguisher to put out a small fire.
  1. Non-slip bars in the bathroom and non-skid padding for rugs are safety devices that help prevent falls.
  1. Always carrying pepper spray or mace gives you protection from attackers. Have it accessible at all times if you are mobile. This small accessory is easy to carry and use and will give you a sense of freedom.
  1. Making sure all the locks on windows and doors in your home work properly. Locked doors and windows deter malicious behavior, but make sure that your family or a neighbor has a key in case of an emergency.
  1. Checking stranger’s IDs when allowing them into your home for any reason. Seemingly “nice” people can come into your home, and then rob you.
  1. Scheduling regular visits from family and friends lets Houston’s would-be criminals know that you are home and that there’s usually more than one person in your house.
  1. Keeping stairways, halls, and paths clutter-free prevents injuries from tripping and falling. If there is an emergency, having uncluttered halls and pathways lets you escape your home faster.

A wise man once said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s not difficult for seniors to maintain an excellent level of home security. You can preserve both your safety and sense of independence by taking simple precautionary measures. And if you feel you need a security check-up, Safeguard Home Security can help. We’ve been protecting Houston for over 30 years.