Which Style of Home Security Camera Is Best?

You may want to augment your home security system with security cameras. You need cameras that are aesthetically pleasing, yet will get the job done. But you should be aware that different camera styles have different mounting requirements.

Another consideration is if the camera will be used inside your home or outside to monitor activity on your property. Most security cameras, whether indoor or outdoor, offer the same features.

With the extremes in Houston weather, you want to be sure that your security camera has adequate protection from the elements when it is mounted outdoors. Weather protection can either built in to the camera or easily added as an accessory.

You also need to remember that traditional and bullet cameras, if not mounted high enough, can be disabled easily. Miscreants often will check for security cameras, then use foam or some other method to block the lens. It is thus important to consider the location of the camera when deciding on style.

Traditional Box Security Cameras

Box style security cameras are the traditional surveillance cameras that we’re all familiar with. Box cameras are the oldest type, and are still very popular. This camera style is very recognizable and can act as a very good thief-deterrent.

Box cameras are best for long distance monitoring. If enclosed in a weatherproof housing, it is perfect for monitoring large yards. Box cameras are inexpensive, offer audio, dual power, and have a wide array of accessories.  The accessories range from thousands of different lenses to vandal proof and weather proof enclosures.

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet cameras perform best with a pole or wall mount. The mounting bracket on aerodynamic cameras allows horizontal movement; vertical adjustments are made by turning a screw or bolt.

Bullet cameras have a many lens choices in fixed, powerful varifocal, and long-range, including see-in-the-dark infrared illumination. The drawback you need to mount these cameras 10 feet or more about the ground, so they can only be used in interiors with high ceilings or outdoors.

Dome Security Cameras

The dome camera is very versatile. Many of these security cameras offer 3 axis mounting, meaning you can mount the camera vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Dome cameras can be placed virtually everywhere.

Dome cameras melt into their surroundings. You literally don’t notice them. They also come with a wide range of lenses, including infrared and varifocal. The only drawback is that you must remove the dome cover if you need to adjust the field of view.

Spy (Covert) Security Cameras

Spy (or covert) cameras are often called nanny-cams. These small, unobtrusive cameras can be virtually placed anywhere in places such as smoke detectors, clocks, and even AC adapters and teddy bears.

Covert cameras come in wired and wireless models. They can also carry all the features of the box, bullet, and dome cameras such as high resolution and night vision. Most spy cam models are motion activated, and you have the option of external or internal video recording. Depending on what features you need, you can spend as little as $100 to well over $400.

All styles of security cameras will serve you well monitoring your property. Whichever camera model you choose, be careful to consider the camera’s location and how you will use your camera. And if you have questions, be sure to give Houston's Safeguard Home Security a call. They can help you with all your home security needs.