9 Unintelligent Burglars Give Home Security a Hand

Nothing is funny about home burglaries. Almost all Houstonians worry about what would happen if their home is broken into and know that a good home security system is an excellent deterrent. But occasionally, burglars give us, our security systems, and the local authorities a helping hand.

Here is our list of 9 burglaries gone wrong due to criminal ineptitude.

  1. Happy, Dopey, and … Sleepy

A Burlington, Wisconsin burglar decided to rob a real estate office. After putting three computers outside the door, he decided to take a nap. He woke up and was promptly apprehended by waiting police.

  1. Dad, there’s a monster in the closet

3 Houston, Texas thieves broke into a home and shoved the resident into a closet. Unfortunately for the thieves, they confined the man in his gun closet. One of the thieves did not get far after being shot in the shoulder and leg by the resident.

  1. Hungry thief

Seems like a Salt Lake City, Utah thief forgot to eat dinner before going to “work” and decided to help himself to some of his victim’s canned goods. Evidently he forgot that cans are a really good place for the police to get fingerprints.

  1. Facebooked

A Fort Loudoun, Pennsylvania thief broke in to a home and  logged onto his Facebook account from the victims computer after helping himself to jewelry. Unfortunately for the thief, he forgot to log out, and did not abscond with the victim’s computer. The victim was able to share the thief’s information with the police when the burglary was reported. Status update: one thief behind bars.

  1. Dead Battery Syndrome

A California thief noticed that his cell phone needed charging after entering a targeted home. The thief decided to charge his phone while he ransacked the home. When the victims arrived home unexpectedly, the thief was in such a hurry to escape that he forgot his charging phone and left a lot of information behind for the police.

  1. Just Drive

A San Francisco thief was caught when he drove a stolen Lexus SUV for a court hearing on an unrelated charge. The thief’s seven Yorkies alerted passersby to the SUV. The thief was arrested when he returned to the parking lot.

  1. Plse brng bk stuf

A Midvale, Utah man broke in to a friend’s home. His friend texted him on his cell phone number and offered a reward to return the stuff. When returned to the residence with his friend’s possessions, the reward he received was the waiting police.

  1. Playing Possum, Spanish style

When the authorities responded to a funeral home burglary in Madrid, Spain, the crook jumped into a coffin and played dead. The problem? Dead folks and street bums were better dressed than this possum.

  1. Kilroy was here.

A vandal in the UK couldn’t resist leaving his mark at the scene of the crime at a children’s center. He scrawled his full name and added the “was here”. The police were lucky he was so unintelligent.

Most thieves are not as intellectually challenged as the 9 burglars making our list. A high quality, monitored home alarm system is still your best line of defense when it comes to protecting your family and possessions.