Home Security Locks Go High Tech

Home security is important in a city as large as Houston. We need multiple layers of security to protect our family and possessions. Why not consider high tech, fool proof deadbolts?

We all have misplaced and even lost our house keys at one time or another. Maybe your purse or your brief case has been taken from your office in the past. We’ve spent hours worrying that some unknown person someone will gain access to our home and/or plenty of time changing our home’s locks.

Most of us in Houston supplement our security alarm system with heavy duty deadbolts. If you are thinking about replacing your old lock with a new one, you should consider technologies that are becoming more commonplace in residential applications.

Biometric locks have become a mainstream home security application. Technology securing office buildings have made it into your home. Biometric access includes facial scanning, iris scanning, and fingerprinting.

Fingerprint locks are the easiest, most secure, and least expensive of all the biometric access systems available. No two fingerprints are identical. People that the lock doesn’t recognize will not gain access to your home.

How Home Security Fingerprint Lock Technology Works

Fingerprint deadbolts are secure. Don’t worry about someone stealing your fingerprint – that’s the stuff of sci-fi movies. The lock only stores a small amount of your fingerprint information.

Programming uses points on your finger. The lock coverts the points to a string of numbers and stores them in the memory. When you put your finger on the lock’s pad, the lock then compares the distance between the points for a match. Only an exact match will unlock the door.

Good guys get in, bad guys stay out.

Home Security Fingerprint Lock Easy Installation

It is just as easy to install a fingerprint deadbolt as it is to change a traditional one. These locks install just like your standard non-biometric lock. After you have the lock adjusted in your door, install the batteries and program the lock to record your fingerprint per the instructions.

Most models, even the lower priced ones, hold around 75 fingerprints or more so in their memories. You add your family members by setting them up as administrators.

Home Security Fingerprint Lock Advantage

There are other advantages to a biometric fingerprint lock other than not having to carry around your house keys.

  • Easy to install and program
  • Accuracy, speed, and reliability
  • No code to remember
  • Doors lock automatically when closed
  • There are no keys to be copied for family members
  • You don’t have to hide a key for the maid or babysitter – give them a code that can be changed
  • Burglars can’t pick the locks or use the credit card shimmy to gain access – if the lock doesn’t recognize you, you don’t get in. Period.

Fingerprint Lock Tips

Fingerprint deadbolts are readily available from your local hardware or big box discount store. There are also many manufacturers. When you choose your fingerprint lock

  • Do your homework and thoroughly research to find a model suited to your home security needs
  • Consider the use of specific doors and door type and size
  • Ease of use – there are simple and complex varieties when it comes to your
  • Price – range from $150 up
  • Decide what type of override you need. Most locks have either passcode and/or key overrides.

Fingerprint locks are an easy way to upgrade your current home security system to high tech biometric access. Most Houston security companies recommend a good deadbolt as a way to protect your family and your possessions. Safeguard Home Security has been protecting Houston homes for over 30 years. If you need home protection advice, call the experts at (832) 469-4054.