Did You Know Your Lawn Service Affects Your Home Security?

Choosing your lawn service is important to your home security. You might not give the guy who cuts your yard a second thought – well, other than paying him – but you should.

Houston’s known for its really hot, humid weather. We’re getting ready to enter the best 2 to 3 months of the year. Late February through April is the best time to enjoy outdoors.

Spring is not too hot and not too cold. Our spring weather is perfect, and the last thing you want to do is spend hours mowing, edging, blowing, weeding, and fertilizing. It’s easier to hire a lawn maintenance service so your weekends are free to enjoy.

Home Security – The Good and Ugly Side to Lawn Service

OK, you’ve decided a lawn service is for you. You won’t another precious second of your weekend manicuring your lawn when you can do other things. There are a few things you should know, because hiring just anyone can put your home security at risk.

Although Texas has not been hit as hard as the rest of the country, Houston’s economy still is not the best. Many people still haven’t found work, and there’s a lot of people moving here looking for employment. Many of the unemployed are supplementing their income by becoming lawn sculpting gurus.

You may have seen an increase trailers carrying lawn equipment hauled behind unmarked cars and pick-ups. You must be careful, because Houston has also experienced an increase in residential thefts.

For granted, these new yard engineers aren’t all dishonest people. Many are legitimate, and after months of unemployment, are starting their own business. But it’s just as likely that an equal number of lawn “professionals” aren’t. The dishonest ones are responsible for missing property, both outside and inside your home, and/or charging for work they didn’t perform.

Home Security & Lawn Service Tips

Help keep your home secure. Before allowing your new lawn engineer access to your property, you should

  • Request your new lawn person provide references, then be diligent about checking them.
  • Ask for proof of insurance. You could face legal issues if they are injured or hurt someone else on your property.
  • Check with the BBB. The BBB will know if your new yard service company or person has any outstanding disputes or service complaints
  • Request a contract for the services they will perform. A contract will eliminate all conflicts over the amounts charged and the services your lawn maintenance people will perform.
  • Ask if they are bonded. Bonded means that a bonding company is guaranteeing they will perform the work according to the terms of their files license or that they are insuring you against theft.
  • Verify their business license and permits with the city. Some small municipalities surrounded by Houston or your HOA may require that you only use licensed yard services, so you will need to do this anyway to avoid being fined.

Unless the neighbor’s teenager is mowing your lawn, you should interview several companies or people that provide lawn care before making your choice. Performing adequate due diligence will go a long way in  protecting your home security.

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