Hidden Security Camera Top 5 Benefits

It doesn’t matter what part of town, but more and more Houstonians are investing in security cameras for their homes. With the rising crime rate, business and home owners want to make sure that thieves are identified quickly when burglaries occur.

Many people are integrating fake and hidden security cameras into their security systems. It’s a precautionary measure, designed to make thieves think twice about breaking in.

Hidden security cameras blend in with their surroundings, making them virtually unnoticeable. Many models can be hidden in places burglars would never think to look. They are so small, the camera can be hidden in places like clocks, books, smoke detectors, pens you leave on a kitchen counter, or your children’s stuffed animals or other toys.

You can find many features in these micro-cameras. They come wired to plug into an electrical outlet, or wireless. Other features include audio, motion activated, night-vision, various recording capacities – almost all the features you can get with a traditional security camera.

More advanced hidden cameras that can be integrated into your security system require more set up. If they run 24/7, they won’t have the built in memory chip. Instead, the camera transmits to your receiver. The receiver then hooks into your security system’s DVR or other recording devices.

Most people are on their best behavior when a security camera is in plain sight. Hidden cameras  benefit your business or home security system by

    1. Watching out for your family. Do your worry that about the type of care your children receive, or that elderly relatives are receiving appropriate care, or that your family is safe when the repair person enters the house? A hidden camera will record every action.
    1. Keeping your workplace safe. The refrigerator thief aside, hidden cameras are quite effective in identifying shoplifters or data theft.
    1. Identifying thieves. Many times thieves will block your obvious security cameras by covering the lens or cutting the wiring that feeds into the DVR. If a thief doesn’t know where the camera is located, he or she can’t take preventative measures to hinder recording. The police can view the footage and apprehend the criminal.
    1. Backing up existing cameras. If your usual defenses are breached, wireless hidden cameras provide backup.
  1. Saving money. Depending on the features, these cameras can be quite inexpensive. Many models start around $40.

You receive many benefits by incorporating hidden cameras into your new or existing security systems. Considering the cost-effective price of these cameras, there is really no reason not to include several for use in high-risk areas.

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