Reduce Your Home Security Risk: How to Protect Yourself From a Burglar’s Excuses

Cunning Thief by Paul-Charles Chocarne-MoreauYou may unsuspectingly be putting your home security at risk. Houstonians are friendly and unsuspicious by nature, ready to help out friends and strangers alike.

Burglars in our city are cunning and ready to take advantage of our trusting way of life. We’ve all seen on the news how these criminals dupe the unsuspecting victim to gain entry into their homes. Impersonating police, public works, or Reliant employees seem to be the usual tricks, and we’re now on to them.

Did you know that there are other things a thief can use to make you roll out the welcome mat? Sometimes very creative criminals are able to evade the best home security systems, outside an armed guard or a yard full of mines.

The usual excuses a Houston burglar uses to gain entry to your home go something like

“My friend that I haven’t seen since high school lives next door. Can I borrow a pen to leave a note on his/her door?”

“My car ran out of gas, do you have a gas can?”

“My child needs to …. May I use your phone, bathroom, have a glass of water?”

“I’m lost. Can I use your phone to call my friend?”

“Have you seen my dog around here? He’s a big, black and white ugly dog with a yellow collar and comes to the name of Rambo. I think he may be in your backyard.”

These are called distraction scams, and most likely two burglars are working in pairs. While you’re busy with the thief at your front door, the other miscreant is checking out your home and property. You might be robbed then, which puts you in extreme danger.

Or they may come back later when you’re not home and relieve you of your belongings.

Luckily, there are several common sense precautions you can take ensure your both your and your home’s security.

  1. Make sure your security cameras are in tip top working order and you have enough tape or memory available at all times.
  2. If your security system has cameras, check to see who’s at the door. Under no circumstances answer the door if you don’t know who’s there.
  3. Call your neighbor to help out if you’re absolutely compelled to let a parent with a child or other stranger inside your home.
  4. Offer to bring the stranger the pen, glass of water, gas can or make the phone call for them. Make sure you lock your door while you get the object they need.
  5. If you go outside to help, make sure all the doors and windows are locked, especially the door you close behind you.
  6. Refer the person to someone who can help through your locked door.
  7. Install a monitored alarm system from Safeguard Home Security.

Remember to protect your home security at all times. Ask questions, request identification, call the company the person says he works for to verify their employment. Burglars take advantage of Houstonians’ friendly and trusting natures.

Don’t let your ingrained Houston hospitality make you the next burglary statistic.