A Houston Home Burglary: Staying Sane

The Nightmare

You are on your way home one day from a long vacation and only thinking about getting home in a safe and timely manner so that you can relax.  You cannot anticipate what you are about to see as soon as you enter your premises. Your front door is ajar and you notice glass shattered on your floor. You immediately panic while you open the door wider. The place you left is no longer the same place you came home to–you have been the victim of a Houston home burglary.

Going through this is not something anyone would ever want to experience, but unfortunately it happens too often.

What are the things that you may feel after a burglary?

1. Fear

Coming to terms with the fact that your home, a safe haven, has been invaded may be a bitter pill to swallow. Fear of being alone is normal after your privacy has been violated.

2. Anger

There is no doubt that after being a victim of robbery, you may want to blame someone for what has been done but you shouldn’t indulge in it. Remember that having anger is just a feeling which will do absolutely nothing in bringing back your things and it certainly also won’t help you move past the situation.

3. Sadness

Let’s face it. If someone takes ANYTHING of yours, especially if it’s something sentimental or irreplaceable, it is certain you will feel sad.

What can you do to cope?

All of these feelings are normal and you should not minimize them. Instead, follow the coping tips below to begin moving on from this upsetting ordeal.

1. Support System

Reach out to your friends and loved ones for support. There is nothing better than to have people you know and love surround you after such a traumatic ordeal. De-clutter your mind by exercising and being around the good company of your friends and loved ones.

2. Self Care

It is easy to get overwhelmed but neglecting your normal routine you once had prior to the incident may be detrimental.

Continue eating regularly and well. Be encouraged that you still have your health and that you will get past this portion in your life.

3. Don’t let fear overwhelm you any longer!

Sure this is a situation that can leave you disgruntled and scared but those feelings shouldn’t take over your normal way of living. Be proactive in protecting yourself so that there isn’t a likelihood of this happening again.

One way to empower yourself is by investing in a home security alarm system.

Cases of burglary and theft are on a rise. A home security system with burglar alarm monitoring makes your home less likely to be a target. Burglars don’t want to risk an alarm siren going off.

Here at Safeguard Home Security, we offer top notch home security systems to fit all your safety needs. The components of our alarm systems include a control panel and keypad -where you can set your code before leaving home and during the times you are not in. A traditional phone line is recommended to communicate your alarm signal to our 24 hour central monitoring station.

Installation of our products can gear you to the peace of mind that you deserve. Call us today for assistance at (832) 469-4054 or visit our website.

You will get past this horrible event even if it doesn’t seem like it right away. It takes time to recover from being burglarized and we hope that these tips can help you stay emotionally sane after a Houston home burglary.