Everyday Home Security Tips

Home security systems make you feel more secure from burglary in Houston. Even though you have a monitored home alarm and know that help will arrive within minutes, you should not overlook the other safety measures you can take. Having multiple layers of security significantly decreases the chances of a break in.

Houston Home Security Tips Deterring Access

Burglars are opportunistic. They look for homes with easy access and routes out. Make it hard for thieves to get in your home by

  • Planting trees and shrubs around windows. Landscaping adds to your home’s curb appeal, but keep vegetation low enough so thieves can’t hide.Trim shrubs to about 3 feet tall and prune trees 6 feet or more off the ground. If you can, use thorny plants like roses and pyracantha.
  • Using window coverings. If you must have natural light in your house, use semi-opaque solar shades like mecho or privacy window film. This will let light into your home, but passersby won’t be able to see in. An additional bonus is that shades and film help decrease electric bills in Houston’s 9 to 10 months of hot weather.
  • Turning down your telephone ringers. Turning down the ringer volume prevents thieves from hearing your phone if you don’t answer.
  • Keeping lamps and a radio or television on a timer when you are at work.
  • Not allowing city workers or repairmen into your house without proper identification. Make a note of names and employee numbers. There has been a rash of burglaries in Houston by thieves masquerading as city workers.
  • Placing a piece of wood or metal along the lower track and a metal bar that swings down across the glass on the sliding door. These are easily obtainable at your neighborhood hardware store.
  • Having good deadbolts on all exterior doors. A good deadbolt is made of steel and has a throw of one inch or more. Use a heavy duty strike plate that has 4 to six 3 inch screws to fasten it through the jamb into the door frame.
  • Using keyed thumb locks on the windows. Secure sliding windows with a piece of wood the same way you would a sliding door.

Houston Home Security Tips – Don’t Be a Burglar Magnet

Thieves will drive around neighborhoods looking for signs that no one is home. Don’t say “rob me” by

  • Putting the boxes of high ticket purchases, like electronics, in your curbside when it’s not trash day;
  • Leaving your name on your mailbox. It’s very easy for thieves to do a reverse number lookup from their phone and call to see if anyone is at home;
  • Leaving your home’s exterior dark. Light up your landscaping with low wattage landscaping lighting and adding exterior motion sensors to your patio and garage lighting;
  • Leaving tools, especially ladders, outside. Thieves will use your tools to gain access to your castle;
  • Hiding a spare key outside. Leave your spare key with a trusted neighbor;
  • Leaving notes on the door for the repairman or your children. Text or call instead.

Home Security Tips – Safeguarding Your Valuables

The more sophisticated thieves are cunning creatures that often figure out a way around all your defenses. If a thief does manage to circumvent your security, you can make it more difficult to find your valuables and assist police and your insurance adjustor by

  • Not leaving your stuff in obvious places;
  • Engraving all your expensive items with identifying marks;
  • Making a list of all expensive items, serial numbers, and identifying marks;
  • Video recording every room of your house;
  • Photographing smaller items that you have hidden; everything on your list should have a picture;
  • Keeping, photocopying, or scanning receipts for expensive items. Keep receipts and/or copies in your bank safety deposit box or another safe place.

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