Houston Home Security & Spring Cleaning

Don’t forget your home security when you’re sprucing up you home for spring. If you check your home security devices while taking care of your home, you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

It’s looking like Houston’s perfect spring weather will be here early this year. The azaleas, redbuds, and Alexander magnolias have already started to bloom. We’re ready to come out of our winter cocoon and start enjoying the sunshine.

Most of us usher in spring by a good spring spruce up of our homes. When we’re not going to the parks, the spring festivals, and the rodeo, we’re working on our homes. Our yards are getting a makeover.

While you’re outside giving your yard a facelift, why don’t you take the time to inspect and maintain your outdoor security devices? A good home security checkup only takes a few minutes in your otherwise hectic day.

  1. While you’re planting all the new flowers, trim the bushes and lightly prune the trees around your home. Don’t let your bushes grow any higher than your window sill and keep the tree branches pruned to no less than 6 feet above the ground. Overgrown bushes and trees provide great cover for would-be burglars.
  1. Our temperatures are really perfect – not too hot and not too cold. It’s ideal weather for airing out the house. Your windows will be open, so don’t forget to put the window thumb locks about a 1/3 of the way up to prevent someone gaining access to your castle while you’re at home with open windows.
  1. Manicure your lawn. You’re outdoors anyway. It’s time for spring break, and many of us take that much needed vacation to recover from the hectic holidays. An unkempt yard can be a sure sign that you’re away.
  1. Check all window and exterior doors. Make sure that locks and deadbolts are working perfectly. With the drastic changes in Houston temperatures, door frames and window jambs may shift, causing your locks to be loose or not catch. You may need to adjust the locks.  (Now is also a good time to inspect the weather stripping).
  1. Test your outdoor lighting and replace any burnt out bulbs. You should also check exterior additional home security equipment such motion sensors.
  1. Don’t leave ladders around the house. Why let thieves in using your own yard equipment? Your ladders can be used to access upper windows, cut phone lines, or as in one breaking and entering case several years ago, come in through your chimney. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  1. Check the locks on sliding screen doors. Many people forget that sliding screen doors also have locking mechanisms. While many screen doors don’t offer much in protection, keeping it locked will give your dog time to check out who’s trying to enter your home.
  1. Springing forward on the clock means checking additional home security equipment inside your home.  Replace the batteries in smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors.
  1. Don’t burn anything outside on a windy day. Most areas surrounding Houston require permits. Avoid hefty fines by checking on permit requirements and burn bans.

Spring is the ideal time for giving a home security checkup. Nothing can bring a better peace of mind than knowing you have done all you can to protect your family, possessions, and pets. If you find that you may need additional security equipment, give Houston’s Safeguard Home Security a call at (832) 469-4054. Safeguard has been helping Houstonians protect their homes for over 30 years.