8 Garage Sale Home Security Tips

Make your home security and personal safety a priority this fall.

October is here with cooler weather. We’re out and about, enjoying relief from the heat. Our thoughts turn to the upcoming holidays.  Houstonians are ready to spruce up their houses for the festivities. Out with the old and in with the new, anticipating plenty of visits from family and friends.

Our thoughts often turn to garage sales when we’re cleaning up our homes. What’s better than making a little cash from the items we are no longer using? After all, garage sales are on the agenda of many when the air turns cool and crisp and the days are sunny.

Have you noticed that many times people compromise home security when they hold yard sales? Many people erroneously believe that crooks won’t even think about it when you’re at home, there are people around, and it’s broad daylight.

If you look at Houston’s crime statistics, you’ll notice that many thefts occur during daylight hours. Many times someone’s home, so yards, garages, and even homeowners getting out of their car are prime targets. So why would you think that a garage sale somehow insulates your home from theft when you’re distracted?

Tips for Garage Sale Home Security

There are plenty of ways to keep your home security intact and protect yourself during a garage sale.

  1. Keep the doors and windows to your house locked at all times. Arm your security system and keep your keys with you.
  2. If you are selling furniture or appliances, move them outside.
  3. Keep the gate(s) to your yard locked. If you have dogs, let them have the run of the yard.
  4. Don’t let people into your home for any reason.
  5. Don’t keep a lot of money outside in your pocket or in a cash box.
  6. Don’t accept checks. Not only might the check bounce, but you are giving out your name, as well as your address.  Identity theft has become trendy during robberies.
  7. Organize so that you don’t have to go back into your house. Make sure that your drinks and food are outside with you.
  8. Don’t hold a garage sale by yourself. What is better than the companionship of a relative, friend or neighbor? The extra set of eyes help you keep a watch on your property that is outside and on your home.

Garage sales are a great Houston pastime, but they don’t have to compromise your home security. All it takes is a little planning and common sense.