Houston’s Home Security Gets Help from Mother Nature

While a good home security system is the best place to start when thinking about being safe in your castle, did you know that some bouncer plants beef up your alarm’s watchful eye?

Luckily, Houston has a subtropical (zone 8 in the north and 9 in the south side of the city) climate. We can strategically place many native and non-native plants in our landscape that will make miscreants stop dead in their tracks and really think about whether they want to abscond with our valuables.

Even though you have a monitored home security system, you shouldn’t ignore any precaution you can take to keep your home and family safe. Being safe in your house not only includes inside precautions, but outside planting and manicuring your yard.

Some plants are known for their crime deterrent properties, and should really be considered when you are planning your fall and spring planting of shrubs, bushes, and hedges.

Warning: you will need thick clothing and a good pair of leather gloves to handle even the youngest of these enforcer plants.

Yucca Needle home security in Houston gardensYucca and agave are staples in many Houston landscapes.  These sentry plants guard against thieves using hypodermic spines that pack a powerful punch akin to a shot of penicillin.

There are many yucca and agave species to choose from to boost your home security. The beautiful Adam’s Needle bears lily-like flowers on up to 12 foot stems. The Spanish Dagger also flowers, is edible (flowers, flower stalk, and fruit only). Use the stem to create natural soaps.

And who can resist the blue-green leaves of a 6 foot tall century plant?

Blackberry thorns assist home security in HoustonHow many of you remember picking blackberries in the fields and roadsides surrounding our city? Definitely a yummy late spring/early summer snack.

Remember the tedious process of getting those small spines out of your hands, arms, and legs?


Houston gardeners remember, and are now incorporating their favorite childhood treat into their gardens. Any robber will think twice about trying to breach your home’s security that has a neatly manicured dangerous blackberry standing guard at your windows.

BougainvilleaBougainvillea thorns provide home securityWho can resist the beauty of a bougainvillea? After all, this beautiful plant brings back memories of warm, tropical locations.

You can plant this prickly beauty in Houston under a sunny south side window underneath the eaves. Increase your home security by keeping your bougainvillea trimmed back to form a showy shrub or hedge.

Burglars will think twice if they ever encounter this deadly beauty again.

Pyracantha boasts sharp thorns for home securityDo you remember your mom’s firebush with the showy display of red berries in fall and winter you wanted her to chop down?

Although Mom swore to you that the bush was there to feed the birds when they were hungry, you secretly suspected it was strategically placed to prevent you from sneaking out of the house or keep you from retrieving your baseball.

Pyracantha has assisted Houstonians with home security with its razor-sharp thorns, impaling homeowners, passersby, and ne’er-do-wells alike for years. Shrubs, hedges, or trailing 10 foot tall “trees”, it’s not a bad track record  for this member of the rose family.

Houston’s home security certainly begins with a good security alarm system. We’re lucky that we’re able to grow a wide variety of Mother Nature’s hit man plants that will assist our security systems in protecting our families and belongings.

Happy Labor Day weekend from Safeguard Home Security.